Meet my new yarn line!

I think is time to reveal what I’ve been working the whole year.


Having a home-dye studio has bought me lots of happiness and let me grow as an artist.

But at some point, even without being aware of it, my little business started to grow to the point that I couldn't drive it alone.

I needed to increase the production, because I felt that the updates wasn’t enough for you and you always requested me more products, that I couldn't produce it quickly, so the production wasn’t possible in an artisan way any more. The electricity management and water waste would be out of control in a small room with a lot of stoves.

After lots of research, I found a lovely family spinning mill, in northern Italy that they could produce and dye all my yarns. They will dye all my colourways and bring me the opportunity to create my favorite yarn blends. This new step on the production was very important and decisive for me. I needed a production that follows ethical, technical and environmental standards in order to create a yarn free from harmful chemicals and following the international standards on human rights.

I'll continue here creating the new colourways and then I'll send them to reproduce it. 


This is a huge step for me and us in our environment. My producers assures you that the process when making the yarns is environmental and social responsible.

I must say I have put all my effort, lots of sleepless nights and cries, and of course, most of my savings on this. But now, I can say I more than happy of the decision that I made and how this becomes it real.

I hope you will come to love it too.